Choosing a Deck Builder

A bespoke deck can improve the look and feel of your home. It also adds value to your property. It’s important to find a builder who is specialised in the kind of work you want done.

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A well-designed deck improves your outdoor living space, increases the value of your home and adds functionality to your life. But choosing the right materials is crucial to ensure that your deck will withstand a range of conditions, including direct sunlight and regular exposure to water.

Wood options include cedar, which weathers to a soft yellowish-gray or pressure-treated pine (pine infused with chemicals that protect it against rot). Many homeowners choose kwila, a tropical hardwood that starts out reddy brown and fades to driftwood gray over time. Some hardwoods, such as ipe (ee-pay), require no staining and are extremely dense and rot resistant.

You should find a local Decks, Patios & Outdoor Enclosures professional who has experience working with the type of material you want for your deck. Ask for referrals from friends and family, or use Houzz’s handy wizard to be matched with local builders who specialise in the kind of work you need done.


Choosing the right deck builder is a key part of getting your project completed on time and within budget. Look for recommendations from friends and family or speak with your architect or draftsperson. Once you’ve found a few potential builders, browse their profiles on Houzz to view photos of their past renovations and builds.

A qualified deck and patio professional can help you determine the best size, height and construction materials for your deck. They’ll also consider regional factors like climate and weather patterns. A deck builder can also help you create hardscapes, such as driveways, retaining walls and pool coping. They’ll also advise on maintenance and staining options to ensure your deck lasts a long time.


A well-designed deck is an easy way to open up your house, improve indoor/outdoor flow and add value to your property. The team at TH Construction are experienced Warkworth builders that can build you a quality deck to suit your existing home or a new architecturally designed new build.

Wood decking Matakana options include cedar, which is naturally durable and weathers to a soft, yellowish-gray color; and pressure-treated lumber, which is less expensive but still durable. Both types require periodic refinishing to maintain their beauty.

If you’re installing a staircase on your deck, make sure the stairs are properly supported to ensure stability and safety. Measure and mark the height of the stairs with a tape measure and framing square, then lay out the first stringer with a level. Repeat with the remaining stringers, making sure each step has a small overhang on either side to channel rain away from the structure. Once all the stringers are in place, fit them into joist hangers and fasten with lag screws.


As with any other structure, regular inspections of your deck are necessary to ensure its longevity. Start with a walk around the entire deck and listen for squeaks. Feel for soft spots and look for cracks that could indicate rot. You can also poke around with a screwdriver to see how easily the wood is penetrated. If it feels soft or is easily punctured, that’s a sign of rot and needs to be addressed immediately.

Underneath, check the ledger board and any other sensitive areas where moisture may collect. Make sure there are no stains or signs of water damage, and that all metal connector pieces like nails, screws and bolts are free of rust.

The spacing and alignment of support posts is another important factor. If these are misaligned or not tight enough, they can lead to instability and potential safety issues. A hammer test can help with this — hitting a fastener with a hammer will indicate whether it’s loose or not properly installed.